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People Working with Us

We are devoted to making agriculture friendly and attractive to youths, creating a research friendly, booming agribusiness and export friendly goods……We make agriculture seamless .

We Aim at enhancing Optimum Productivity......

Araromi farm was established in the late 1970s by the Late Professor Hezekiah Adedunmola Oluwasanmi with the aim of enhancing optimum productivity in rural agriculture.

What We Offer

Our agricultural spectra Involves Animal Husbandry  to cash crops in it freshest and healthiest form…


We have an advanced pig farm


we have extensive fish and processing section on the farm


we have a natural bee farm where fresh honey is harvested

Oil Processing

We have oil palm plantation and processing equipments.

Cassava Processing

We grow and process cassava into different forms such as cassava flakes, cassava flour and cassava meal etc.

Packaging and Exportation

Plantain Plantation


We process maize into grits and flour

Research, Training and Capacity Development

We offer agricultural research and teaching modules for schools and businesses, with practical demonstration.