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Agricultural productivity is measured as the ratio of agricultural outputs to inputs. While individual products are usually measured by weight, which is known as crop yield, varying products make measuring overall agricultural output difficult. Therefore, agricultural productivity is usually measured as the market value of the final output. This productivity can be compared to many different types of inputs such as labour or land. Such comparisons are called partial measures of productivity.

Following, Agflation (or agrarian inflation) is an economic phenomenon of an advanced increase in the price for food and for industrial agricultural crops when compared with the general rise in prices or with the rise in prices in the non-agricultural sector. The term was increasingly used in the analytical reports, for example, by the investment banks Merrill Lynch in early 2007 and Goldman Sachs in early 2008. They used the term to denote a sharp rise in prices for agricultural products, or, more precisely, a rapid increase in food prices against the background of a decrease in its reserves, a relatively low general inflation rate, and insignificant growth in the level of wages. Agflation has become an increasingly important issue for many governments. From time to time agflation may become so severe that the World Food Programme has described the phenomenon as a “silent tsunami”. Agflation endangers food security, particularly for developing countries, and can cause social unrest.

The outputs of rural farmers are determined by inflation (agflation), hence their survival is shaky, however, in the facilitation, wayouts of their survival have been carefully & critically analyzed and the following goes this:

Awareness: the rural farmers needs a new level of agricultural consciousness via information par education, with this being put in place, their survival hangs on a feasible & possible change.

Sensitization: following a concrete awareness is education, rural farming should be taught bhow the new game work and it is excepted to come in form of trainings & practicals which will enhance & prepare for the new future.

Agricultural Real Estate: Agricultural Real Estate is an essential collective farming system that has aided the transcending of subsistence farming into becoming a mega cooperative farming system in a large commercial scale which has also help to make agriculture and its practices more appealing as oppose to the general mentality that hovers around it.

Agricultural Real Estate (AgRE) or modernized Agricultural consortium is a system of collective farming, whereby interested individuals with common interest collaborate towards large scale commercial agriculture which would otherwise have been impossible for each of the interested individuals alone. These leverages on modern technologies and methodologies as well as cost maximization, resulting in better yields & the profitability which aligns with her goals of providing innovative services to enhance farming condition, facilitate smarter farming operation through modern technologies, skills, and partnering, to improve productivity as well as effective food distribution with the aim of mitigating food insecurity and malnutrition. In conclusion, Agricultural consortium enables those interested in collaborative modern day large scale farming leverage the power of economics of scale towards food production. Using peace as a panacea, which is believed that when there is enough food for all, there will be less violence and thus peace will radiate & the rural farmers ultimately having the authenticity to survive as an agricultural consortium while several investors from different industries of profession come together to with a unified conscious empowering mentality towards Agriculture as they invest their time, funds, efforts & other valuables in other to take Agriculture to its peak & so that on or before the year 2030, hunger must have been eradicated in this part of the world as food becomes generally affordable in great quality & quantity while the agricultural space especially the rural farmers experience a new change. With that as a mainstay.


HAO FOUNDATION ORIGINAL CONTENT. A paper delivered by Mr. Inufin Ayomide on 12th of February 2022 at HAOFOUNDATION Webinar 

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