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Saskatchewan Proclaimed October As Agriculture Month

With harvest winding down and completed in many parts of the province, Saskatchewan is taking the time to show off agriculture producers as October has been proclaimed Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan.

With a long harvest in the rearview mirror for many, a lot of producers will be focused on putting their feet up for a bit, before something else inevitably appears on the farm.

But they’ll also be able to attend multiple events being put on throughout the province, which are centered on getting the rest of the province to better understand how food is made.

They’ll also be able to participate this year through the hashtag “#mealsfromthefarm” which will showcase what farmers are also eating throughout the year.

Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan Executive Director Clinton Monchuk explains 

“The theme this year is meals from the farm. We had a very successful event with classrooms last year where we went to six different classrooms throughout the summer in Saskatchewan, and it’s a little bit of a continuation of that. We’re trying to make sure whether it’s families, farmers, or ranchers, just take a little bit of the opportunity to talk about the meals that they’re having in their own families.”

They’re also looking to show off just how much the agriculture community wants to help the rest of the province.

“We do want to promote what a lot of the farmers, ranchers, and agriculture community is willing to give back to those in the community. Just as an example last week, we had a partnership with the Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan,” said Monchuk, “We sponsored a meal at the Friendship Inn, which is a kitchen in saskatoon that delivered a chicken meal to hundreds of different individuals who needed that service in Saskatoon.”

Source: https://westcentralonline.com/articles/october-proclaimed-agriculture-month-in-saskatchewan

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