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Jordan Set Aside JD2.25m From 2023 Budget For Agricultural Industries Complex

The 2023 general budget draft law specified new expenditures for capital projects for the Ministry of Agriculture, to the tune of JD6.1 million, the largest of which will be setting up an agricultural industries complex at a value of JD2.25 million, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.

The fund will help implement the agro-food industries complex agreement signed by the Ministry of Agriculture on October, according to which three agricultural projects will be established in the southern Jordan Valley: a tomato paste factory, a vegetable dehydration factory, and a frozen vegetable factory, for a total investment of JD5 million.

According to the agreement, the ministry will endeavor to provide land, finance the construction of infrastructure, including of hangars and warehouses, and secure water and electricity services. In return, the investor will install machines, equipment and production lines, operate them and use local production inputs, whether from the Jordan Valley or any of the Kingdom’s governorates, and 75 percent of workers will be Jordanians.

An additional JD22.9 million has been set aside in the budget for Agriculture Ministry capital projects that are new, ongoing, or under implementation.

New projects also include establishing an antibiotic residue laboratory, at a value of JD250,000, financing the cocoon planting technology, at a value of JD200,000, mechanizing agricultural stations, at a value of JD500,000, and developing the infrastructure for plant wealth laboratories, at a value of JD450,000.

New expenditures will also go toward land reclamation, worth JD100,000, reducing the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector, at a value of JD 75,000, research on developing local breeds of bees, Awassi sheep and perennial olives, at a value of JD75,000, upgrading agriculture, at a value of JD600,000, and developing smart solutions for agriculture, worth JD50,000.

Striving for food security

The 2023 general budget draft law has also allocated JD500,000 for the Ministry of Agriculture to support the establishment of the Higher Council for Food Security, which will be implemented over several years, with the aim of managing food supply crises.

Last July, the Council of Ministers agreed with the justifications for the food security council regulation draft law, which sought, to reduce the Kingdom’s vulnerability to international food crises and climate change.

The Higher Council for Food Security is to be partially funded through a $130 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in favor of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply. The bank is scheduled to be approve the loan in March 2023; the project will be implemented over several years.

On August 29, Jordan launched the National Strategy for Food Security 2021–2030 and its implementation plan for the years 2022–2024; this first food security strategy in the Kingdom, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, comes in implementation of Royal directives to make Jordan a regional center for food security.

The Economic Modernization Vision had proposed the establishment of a body specialized in food security, as well as a national center for food security research, as part of initiatives related to agriculture and food security.

The vision presented the strategic capabilities and priorities of the agricultural sector, including: transforming Jordan into a regional center for agricultural production while ensuring the sustainability of food security to meet local current and future needs, using the latest agricultural technologies and smart solutions to renew agricultural production methods, and to make the Kingdom a regional center for exporting agricultural produce.

Other expenditures go toward organizing the agricultural, worth JD950,000, establishing a tracking system for plant and animal agricultural products, at a value of JD50,000, and training Jordanian youth and girls in professions pertaining to agriculture, at a cost of JD50,000.

Source: https://www.jordannews.jo/Section-109/News/JD2-25m-set-aside-from-2023-budget-for-agricultural-industries-complex-25422

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