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Regenerative Agriculture Market Set To Record Exponential Growth

InsightAce Analytic Pvt. Ltd. announces the release of a market assessment report on the “Global Regenerative Agriculture Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Practice (Aquaculture, Holistic Planned Grazing, Agroforestry, Pasture Cropping, Agroecology, Silvopasture) And Application (Carbon Sequestration, Nutrient Cycling And Biodiversity)- Market Outlook And Industry Analysis 2031”

The Global Regenerative Agriculture Market is estimated to reach over USD 31.88 billion by 2031, exhibiting a CAGR of 15.17% during the forecast period.

Regenerative agriculture is a collection of agricultural concepts and methods that emphasize soil properties while taking conservation efforts, fertilizers use, and other aspects into account. Its goal is to enhance and repair the farm’s entire ecosystem. Due to its advantages, which have fueled the rise of the regenerative agriculture sector, farmers, businesses, researchers, and consumers have given it more and more attention, in addition to politicians and business media.

Regenerative agriculture market growth is anticipated to be fueled by increasing consumer interest in and acceptance of the practice and developments brought on by growing awareness of how agriculture is destroying our water, land, and atmosphere.

Furthermore, shift from conventional farming practices to ones that emphasize soil health is required due to the continuous expansion in carbon dioxide emissions and the growing depletion of farmland around the world. This shift is expected to raise demand for the market. Additionally, there is a higher need to minimize GHG emissions and improve soil quality and water balance because of the continuously expanding global population, which is anticipated to influence the trend….

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/regenerative-agriculture-market-set-record-114800868.html


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