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Agriculture Now Consumes 20% Less Share Of Water – Jordan

On Monday, August 28, Minister of Agriculture Khaled Huneifat stated that the agricultural share of water resources has decreased from 70 percent to 50 percent, but agricultural production has doubled due to the utilization and implementation of sustainable technology by farmers and the private sector.

Huneifat added that over 95 percent of irrigated agriculture relies on drip irrigation, and the sustainable agriculture plan has adopted the promotion of water-saving agricultural technology, Khaberni News reported.

Six training centers have been established for this technology, along with support for the creation of 2,500 water collection wells in the western chain, and 63 cisterns were established in the badia during the year 2022.

Cooperation with the International Water Institute
On Monday, Huneifat received the Director of the International Water Institute, Youssef Brouziyne, and the accompanying delegation.

The minister discussed the current state of the agricultural sector in Jordan, the challenges facing the sector, especially climate change and water scarcity. He also presented the Ministry of Agriculture’s plan to address these challenges.

The Director of the International Water Institute presented the projects implemented by the institute in the Middle East and North Africa, particularly the badia projects carried out in Jordan, focusing on drought prediction, the use of modern irrigation techniques, and studying the productivity of cubic meters in various crops.

The two sides discussed future cooperation in introducing advanced water-saving technologies and establishing a knowledge transfer and training center for these technologies.

Source: https://www.jordannews.jo/Section-109/News/Agriculture-now-consumes-20-smaller-share-of-water-30593

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