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Rising Food Prices: Boost Agricultural Investment Founder GYSAPEO Urge Federal Government

Amid escalating food prices in Nigeria, Dr. Emmanuel Chuks, the Founder and President of the Global Youth Skills Acquisition and Poverty Eradication Organization (GYSAPEO), has called for the Federal Government to significantly enhance its investment in agriculture.

Chuks emphasized the urgency of this action during a visit from Apostle Emmanuel Iren, the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church International, in Abuja yesterday.

According to him, the call to deepen investments in agriculture is coming at a critical juncture for Nigeria, a nation rich in arable land and potential for agricultural growth.

The rising cost of foodstuffs has become an urgent concern for Nigerian citizens, with many struggling to afford basic necessities. 

Chuks emphasized that immediate action is necessary: “There is no better time than now for the government to convene economic experts to deliberate on rescuing the country from the current hardship.” 

His statement reflects a growing sentiment among the populace for the government to take decisive steps to improve the situation.

In addition to his plea to the government, Chuks shared his commitment to the Nigeria Prosperity Assured Economic Prosperity Initiative, a project aiming to transition 10 million Nigerian youths from poverty to prosperity. 

The initiative focuses on agricultural cooperatives and micro-farming, providing training and resources to foster self-sufficiency. 

“We have several projects designed to lift Nigerians out of poverty…We are ready to hit the ground running,” Chuks stated.

He described the visit from Apostle Iren was described as a divine occurrence, one that brought prophecies set to favorably shape the year ahead for him and his organisation. 

Chuks expressed profound gratitude for the apostle’s support.

“I really want to appreciate him. My expectation is that the office is going to grow,” he said. 

Chuks further shared his optimism about Nigeria’s future, urging his fellow citizens to maintain faith and perseverance. 

“I just want Nigerians to be persistent and keep believing in God. Nigeria will get better,” he assured.

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2024/02/rising-food-prices-boost-agricultural-investment-cso-urges-fg/

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