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UNDP Uzbekistan Launch A Contest For Young Agriculture and Water Engineers

We invite students and graduates of agricultural, engineering and irrigation studies to participate in the contest of young agricultural and water engineers “Smart Agriculture”, which is organized in order to support innovative and creative approaches of youth to solving problems and improving processes in agriculture and irrigation.


– Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan

– United Nations Development Programme in Uzbekistan

– Islamic Development Bank

The contest is conducting in 2 (two) nominations:

“Smart Agriculture” – innovative agricultural improvement project
“Smart Irrigation” – innovative project to improve water management.

The winners in each category will be awarded laptops and valuable prizes.


Support innovative and creative approaches of youth to solving problems and improving processes in agriculture and irrigation;
Providing participants with the opportunity to develop their professional skills related to agriculture, irrigation, sustainable farming and other aspects of rural development;
Supporting opportunities for young professionals and students to make connections in the industry and share knowledge and experience with other participants;
Encouraging projects and ideas aimed at sustainable agriculture and the rational use of resources such as water in irrigation systems;
Promoting the involvement of young professionals and students in agriculture, supporting their interest in this important industry and encouraging career advancement;
Fostering partnerships between young professionals, students, industry representatives, academic institutions and other members of the agricultural and irrigation community;
Increased awareness of the importance of agriculture, sustainable use of natural resources and innovation in this area.

Eligibility Requirements:

– availability of an identity card;

– Student certificate/diploma of graduation / certificate of study;

– projects covering the territories of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Requirements for Entries:

– The contest work should be an actual, implementation-oriented project with a description of its possible resource support, specific implementation mechanisms, and control of the achieved effect;

– A project aimed at the socio-economic development of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– Availability of the results of the author’s own research in the competition work;

– Availability of innovative and advanced solutions that provide for the use of energy-efficient, low-carbon, water-efficient technologies;

– Novelty and social significance of the project;

– Possibility of practical implementation of the project;

– The project must be developed considering the observance of copyright.

Contest materials should not contain advertising information, as well as information, the distribution of which on the territory of Uzbekistan is prohibited or restricted. Contest materials containing this information will not be considered.

The competition is open to students, graduates of agricultural, engineering and irrigation areas, whose projects were developed in the period from January 1, 2020 to May 25, 2024.

Applications are accepted until 18:00 (Tashkent time) on May 25, 2024. at this link: https://forms.gle/gwKv7e4CPr2VDWo58. You can also access this link through a QR code:

IMPORTANT: To upload your work in the Google form, you need to have a Google account (e-mail to gmail.com).

Source: https://www.undp.org/uzbekistan/news/we-announce-contest-young-agriculture-and-water-engineers 

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